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Gondolas d'Argento | Earrings pendants in silver 925 (Gondoe)

Gondolas d'Argento | Earrings pendants in silver 925 (Gondoe)


Few people know the meaning of each of the decorations that composes an iron by gondola, the typical venetian boat: each extension metal refers to a neighborhood, or to an island determined in the lagoon. The shape of these earrings pendants in circle, fought in 925 silver and cut by hand to hand, draws its own two typical irons by gondola, containing an insert in a circle of murrina in artistic Murano glass color black and white, designed and handmade.


The murrine symbolizes finally Venice, represented in all its fragile beauty; the delicate speckling vitree recall in fact its countless calli, as well as its be surrounded by the silver recalls its inestimable value.

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