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Marriage of the Sea | Silver ring 925 (Sensa)

Marriage of the Sea | Silver ring 925 (Sensa)


During the Festa della Sensa (or of the Ascension) was the custom at the Republic of Venice celebrate the solemn union of the Serenissima with the sea, dedicating the mystical bond of the ancient ceremony with a ring. Legend has it that every year the Doge launched in water in the lagoon a ring devoted with the words "you marry,, sea, as a sign of true and perpetual domain", declaring Venice and the sea, a thing, and affirming your domain on the Adriatic.

This silver ring 925 draws more than ever before, the myth of the origins, as full of the spirit and of the craftwork alive the lagoon itself. It is, in fact, composed on a silver from a murrina in artistic Murano glass, fire-red as the authority doges complaing its authority on eternal waters.

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