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Serenissima & East | Earrings pendants in silver 925 (Serenisima)

Serenissima & East | Earrings pendants in silver 925 (Serenisima)


These earrings gold 925 silver symbolize the union of two great empires, that of the East and that of the Republic of Venice. As a union between two lovers, the Serenissima rises to the role of dama corteggiatrice of riches of Arabia, betrothed yet fickle lover.


The opulence of the gold and the external decorations join carved silver, the result of a precision deriving from the ancient techniques that have been handed down and guarded by blacksmiths of the origins. The whole is solemnly enriched by royalty of Murano glass, represented here by a pearl pure glass redeemer.


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